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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

29 more factories complete CAP of Alliance

Bangla Apparel Desk

October 10, 2017

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has announced that 29 alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in its Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) in September.

The number of companies in the alliance, who completed all material components of CAPs, has been pushed up to 195 in the third quarter of the year, a press release read on Sunday.

The factories include ARK Washing, Ayesha Clothing Co Ltd, Ayesha Washing Ltd, Babylon Trims Ltd (PKG), Civic Apparels Ltd, Color City, Colossus Apparel Limited Unit 2, Confidence Industries Ltd, Cortz Apparels Ltd, DB Tex Ltd, Dhakarea Limited (Yupoong Inc), DNV Clothing Ltd, Global Nassa Wear Ltd, Hamza Textiles Ltd, Impressive Garments (Pvt) Ltd, Intimate Attire Limited, Mahdeen Sweaters Ltd, Mam Garments Ltd, Mansheen Co (BD) Ltd, Marina Apparels Ltd, Mymum Textiles Ltd, Nassa Basic Ltd, Nassa Fashions Ltd, Nassa Hi-Tech Wear Ltd, One Composite Mills Ltd, Try On Shoe Material BD Ltd, SAN Apparel Ltd, Shamzer Rezia Fashions Ltd, and The Civil Engineers Limited.

Alliance Country Director AMB Jim Moriarty said: “We commend each and every one of these factories for prioritising remediation and fulfilling their commitment to providing safer workplaces for their employees.“Efforts to fortify safety within our factories are right on track, and the factories remaining in our network are working to meet our strict safety requirements,” Jim added.

“Our commitment to Bangladesh is stronger than ever, and we are working with key organisations in Dhaka now on a transition plan that will enable the continuation of this important work in Bangladesh’s garment industry over the long term,” he further said.The third quarter started in July and ended in September.

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