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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

About Us is a joint production of apparel/textile industry veterans and professional journalists. Throughout the last three and half decades, Bangladesh’s apparel/textile industry has grown at an incredible rate. From its humble beginning on 1980s, it has become a global manufacturing powerhouse, the 2nd largest garment exporting industry after China only.

Since its inception, the industry emphasized on manufacturing high volume basic garments. The goal was to utilize the available low cost labors as much as possible. The required skills, infrastructure, and supply chains prohibited the factories to take value added orders.

However, the scenario is very different now. It is competing to the other industries on all the above areas. was established on the feeling of industry veterans that for further development of the industry, a dedicated and professional industry newsletter is necessary. Hence, the formation of

The newsletter is to provide current and updated information on the apparel and textile industry, the supply chain, logistics, finance, country laws and rules, market information, trends, and so on to the industry professionals. To be more effective, it has been designed to carry out both as news and archive source. It will present both the current news and features on current topics.

We believed that information should be free for all those who need them. That’s why, we’ve kept the site free. No subscription fee is required for using it. However, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to our e-letter for getting daily news headline updates. is a bi-lingual site. It has a Bangla version for the Bangladeshis. And an English version for the international audience. You choose your preferred language.

The power to change the industry in on your hand. You, the professionals can change the industry to a better form. So let’s make the change together.