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Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Mongla EPZ to be major economic hub in southern Bangladesh

'The EPZ workers enjoy freedom to elect their representatives through forming Workers Welfare Association, which can work like trade unions to establish workers’ rights'

Apparel exporters gear up to make sportswear

Local garment makers are gearing up with fresh investment to enter the global sportswear markets, as demand for the items is on the rise with changes in taste and fashion.

Garment accessories traders dread VAT law

Businessmen in the export-oriented garment accessories sector are fearing a rise in production costs due to implementation of the proposed VAT law from July despite assurances to the contrary from the revenue authority. At present, all export-oriented sectors are out of the purview of value-added tax. The new law prescribes a uniform 15 percent VAT for most goods and services.